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Designing A Collection with Jamie Cuffy – Beata Lei
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When putting this collection together I remember thinking that I really had to pull from deep inside me. To search deep into my heart and soul to somehow creatively reflect what was in my thoughts.

I remember being immersed constantly by film and having this fascination with Paris and 1950 and 60’s fashions for those times. I was listening daily to a mixture of Leonard Cohen, Serge Gainsbourg, Johnny Halliday they created the theme tune to accompany me on my design journey. There was something in that period that spoke to me and led me into looking at a different type of dress and style for the Beata Lei woman. Exquisite, sleek and sophisticated. Unique and entirely captivating yet modest too. She’d wear pencil thin skirts, fitted cropped colored trousers, shift and baby doll dresses. Audrey Hepburn became my constant muse. I watched her avidly and was enticed by her style! ‘Funny Face with Fred Astaire, ‘Paris when it sizzles’ with William Holden and ‘Charade’ co-starring the legendary Cary Grant which I believe showed her at her most fashionable best.

Audrey Hepburn with Fred Astaire in Funny Face.

Audrey’s’ look alongside Jackie Kennedy and Jean Shrimpton of that time helped inspired not only the “PARIS” shoe but also my other wonderful collection of flats “GRACE” “LINA” “OLIVIA” & “ TABITHA.”




Coinciding with these ideas I also wanted to bring a certain flirtatious rock edge to the remainder of the collection and styles such as my “AMY” and “KAREN” boot. I envisioned that their suede peep toe and swaying tassels would bring a certain playful edge to any outfit. They are without a doubt inspired by a 70’s festival music feel. I was thinking kings road London in the summer. Mini skirts, hippy edged styling. Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, and The Rolling Stones. Bridgette Bardot was my constant muse when constructing a vision for these styles in the collection.


Her many looks allowed me to push certain boundaries for the idea and sketching of Lexi and Geena for my storyboard. Like her, they optimize sass and style and were undoubtedly shoes I know she would look amazing in should she have worn them.



My Shockadelica styles were 100% inspired by British actress Elizabeth Hurley and the amazing Versace dress she wore in 1994.


At the time she was my pin-up girl and I loved the way she was always and still is today totally effortlessly glamorous oozing class. These are shoes that would very much work I’m sure with an array of her outfits and for any occasion.


This has been a truly wonderful journey for me. To see this collection come together to now be able to launch it into the lives of hopefully many.

I hope you enjoy my collection as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

JC x